Trees Speak Mural and Sound Installation

Trees Speak, Mural and Sound Installation at The Center for Contemporary Art and Culture in Portland, Or August 2019   This mural was a reaction to the Paradise fires that happened in Northern California 2018. It is a space for us to think about our connection to the earth and

Recent work 12/19

Stag Brothers,  Acrylic on paper mounted on wood. 53″ x 53″ 2019   Inside and Outside Coming Together, acrylic on paper mounted on wood, 53″ x 53″ 2019 Birds Coming Home, acrylic on paper mounted on wood 53″ x 72″ 2019   Space and Time, acrylic on paper mounted on wood. 53″

Various Works of mine on Paper Over the Years

I define my work as a Timescape —a narrative of collective places that one has experienced from within the physical world and the mind’s eye world. I bring these places and experiences together to create a world that has not been fully manifested on earth. To do this, time and

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